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This web site generally highlights problems in government activities and attempts to suggest possible solutions.

While this page doesn’t have much information, please explore the drop downs to find out more.  Note that the MTA and it’s “constituent” agencies are listed under New York State.  Likewise, the Port Authority is listed under New York State.

There is a considerable amount of information about the New York City Department of Transportation's unlawful activities on their pages.

But not everything is a problem.  Our newest pages are about a wonderful car dealer, Nemet Motors, and a good company with some issues to fix so that it will be even better,  Lowe’s home improvement stores.

A few comments about the homeless and Far Rockaway

This mayor doesn't live in the real world.  There can be no doubt that he is a decent person who wants to help the disadvantaged -- as did John Linsley [sic].  But just as Lindsey sought to help the disadvantaged by punishing those he believed were advantaged, Mr. de Blasio repeatedly adopts policies that can not help those he seeks to help and serve only to punish the middle class.

His homeless policy is one such action.  Take The Rockaways, for example.  Far Rockaway is a community with a significant middle class population that can and does shop across the Nassau County border because (1) there is grossly inadequate downtown parking, (2) much of the available parking is occupied by city vehicles and city employees (NYPD, FDNY, and schools), (3) a punitive Parking Violations Bureau vs. Lawrence and Cedarhurst Village Courts, (4) merchants who refuse to comply with a variety of acceptable business practices, and (5) terrible traffic problems.  In addition, there are homeless people and residents of various health related facilities making shopping in Far Rockaway a less than pleasant experience.

So what does the city do?  It adopts policies to make it more difficult to drive in the area.  It removes 50% of the available traffic lanes, including on the primary route to the area's hospital.  It sells city parking lots (that were unused because they were paved with broken glass).  It closes a shopping center that provided parking for area shoppers.  It adds 5,000 residents with less than one parking space per apartment (because mass transit is so wonderful [certainly residents wonder about it]).  And it permits the construction of motels with zero demand for hotel rooms.  And then it bails out the builders by allowing (encouraging?) the conversion of vacant hotel rooms to house the homeless.

Who in his right mind would suppose that something like an eighth to a quarter of a BILLION dollars spent on water and sewer mains and street narrowing and repaving would cure these fundamentally city generated problems?